The book service package includes content editing and line editing for 33 pages per month and one hour coaching phone calls per week. Carol will read your manuscript up to two times and provide tips from the beginning to the end. Carol is the enthusiast you need behind your project. Contact Carol at to schedule services and payment details through PayPal. This coaching package can be paid up front (at a reduced rate of $750 for the year) or $80 per month and can be cancelled at any time if you're not fully satisfied or want to stop Carol's services for any reason. Carol will accept all genres except books with sexually explicit content.

Book Service Package

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  • The book package is the best value as it allows for coaching along the way, content editing, and phone calls over the course of a 12 month (uninterrupted) period. If you choose to take off a month of writing, the month still counts. You will get as much value out of this option as you are willing to be disciplined in the process.

  • Payment is provided for services rendered, thus there is nothing to return. If a client is unhappy with contracted services, payment will be kept for services provided ($7 per page for content editing, $35 per hour phone call) and will be refunded if any amount is left over. 

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