Ghost of a Girl

He may be a mortician's son, but that doesn't mean he's seen a ghost. Until one night... Owen and his best friend Jacob go to the cemetery at night with ghost hunting tools to figure out the mystery.

The Good Shadows

Violet works her way into Dakota’s life and must face the secrets and Shadows buried deep within Chuckanut House and her own family’s past. Entrenched in darkness, Violet searches for light and love as she battles Shadows threatening to capture her soul.

When her life falls apart, where will she turn?

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Focused Backstory

Have you ever wondered... How to use backstory correctly? What are the ways other writers successfully incorporate backstory into their work? Do tools exist to help writers better plan stories so the backstory isn't such a problem?

The Dark Shadows

Woman on Her Deathbed Begs for Answers about Her Daughter’s Disappearance


June 15, 2018 Bellingham, Washington | 11:21 AM


Wisps of white frame Ms. Janet Bronwen’s fragile face. Her skin is pale, yet her narrowed gray eyes suggest an unexpected determination.

She holds out a photo from 1988 and says in a shaky voice, “I’m not leaving this world until I know the full story about my missing daughter.”

Elspeth Bronwen appears lively in the photograph. She had youthful braids, a wide grin. It came as no shock to her mother when on the day she turned eighteen, this only child left home.


“She checked in from time to time. Sent post cards. Mailed packages for my birthday. One time I received dried flowers and a tattered copy of a novel she thought I’d enjoy.”

But one birthday, nothing came in the mail, and Ms. Bronwen started to worry. She tried to stay calm—she’d gotten in trouble in the past for searching for her daughter, who preferred to remain a free spirit—but another year passed with no word from Elspeth, and she suspected the worst. She notified the police and visited the places her daughter frequented but found no trace of her.


“It’s like living in a nightmare,” Elspeth’s mother explains, struggling to take a sip of water. “Please help me find the truth so I can die in peace. Somebody must know what happened. Why won’t they come forward?”

See page 9A for more information regarding the case of missing person Elspeth Bronwen. Ms. Janet Bronwen has offered a significant reward for information leading to the whereabouts of her daughter. To share a lead on this story, call the information line for Northwest City News.

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